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Business Lessons "DEFINE CAN"T"

13:00 PM

B U S I N E S S  L E S S O N S  L E A R N E D  D U R I N G  C O V I D  19  P R O G R E S S I N G  F O R W A R D - S T R O N G E R 

WORD BLOG "CAN'T" -  CAN,  ACT, TACT, get the NAC! 


Rising up from the dark abyss. A bottomless chasm, where people and businesses no matter what size, had their businesses and lives tipped upside down.

Victorian business owners at the mercy of government public servants, decision makers, controlling the fate of a great percentage of businesses to survive. 

The confidence of business owners to keep swimming and not drown, had taken its toll on SME's, no matter what size inclusive of large companies. 

The importance of being agile, quick thinking, back up plans and always working within your capacity. 

Keeping the frontline doctors very busy with people's mental and physical health declining and young families out of routines, the list continues.  

We know, during anytime and particularly, unforeseen crisis times, release your fears, believe in yourself, buckle down and apply rapid changes, restructure, work in a team environment, have systems, policies, monitor processes, rehire, be resourceful, joint ventures, collaborate, add kindness, live more and balance work priorities with family, upgrade your investment portfolio or live in your tree or sea change place of peace and space.