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Forecast and adapting to business challenges

17:00 PM

Forecasting tips and riding the storm with additional business challenges.

Reassess your action and business plans. 

Continously change the plans and conduct weekly assessments to rise above the present and future challenges. 


1. Lower your expenses and negotiate with your creditors, banks and adapt performance plans. 

2. Collaborate review all action plans, weekly and monthly. 

3. Review all work safe and OH&safety plans within the workplace. 

4. Continuous online presence and growth online is essential. 

5. Flexible working terms, work from home and entitlements developing new change policies. 

6. Gift vouchers, incentives, validation to clients and employees for adapting to uncertain circumstances.

7. Add  kindness in all work environments, add fun and step out of the box to make it viable during tough times. 

8. Keeping staff and keeping them COVID 19 safe at the same time. 

9. Have regular break out sessions and just be human, talk to one another. 

10. Develop back up plans for the rainy days to stay in business.