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Leadership ''Good Works Management"

16:00 PM


L E A D E R S H I P    

"G O O D W O R K S   P R A C T I C E    M A N A G E M E N T" 

Coaching business leaders to adapt structured, regulated, sensible strategies in your business professional conduct.

What is "good practice"? 

Developing tools and techniques, skills and traits to regulate and avoid unreasonable behaviour, complaints creating well balanced environment for your new and current working conditions.  


By helping an array of individual and business leaders, companies, we observed a common theme and it was the standard of practice conduct.

Candidates feedback was they want to improve their business conduct and management. 

Reduce the stress and headaches of litigation, effective problem solving skills, happy team and happy leaders. 

We have designed our short courses for leaders wanting higher standards of good practice conduct.

A mandatory need, since the global pandemic in 2020 delivering trust, collaboration and collegial strategies according to the adjusted regulations in standard business practice. 

Decision makers, Increase KPI's, credibility, client referrals, education, sustainability, systems, adjustments, health and well being, protect your brand and reputation. 

A gap was identified to eliminate and reduce legal disputes, listening effectively, observation, bench marking standards and common practice of leadership conduct, focusing on sharp and fair decision making, self belief with stakeholders, managers and leaders. 

Ideal for all industry leaders, management, company directors in business who want to stay in business. 

One on one, delivery online and business groups.

Our focus is to deliver quality not quantity. 

Post Graduate Learning Outcomes

• Get to know your team culture, understand their map

• Identify complex issues

• Understanding appointed Legislation

• Identify LL&N requirements, overall health, learning adjustment styles.

• Identify the core cause of conflict. 

• Establish and monitor resources, systems, communications and processes

• Who are the key stakeholders, what are the restructured business expectations are they being met? 

 How to  prevent, respond, manage, problem solving tools, action plans and boundaries.   


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Dates:   Commencing 2nd, 3rd, 4th February 2021

Duration:  3 days  9.30 am - 2pm

Fee:   $8,990.00 including GST 

All participants will receive a Statement of Attendance.

Limited bookings available.