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The Other side of Lockdown Covid 19

20:00 PM

Managing strategies and tips to remain resilient and hanging on to the end vision in mind. 

It suffice to say, the pandemic crisis and climate changes has thrown alot of curveballs to every person around the globe. 

We are the "luckier one's". 

Businesses in Victoria can all agree these last 2 years have been a challenge to say the very least. 

It has been a complete "roller coaster" ride for Victorian Businesses and the hardest hit businesses are the face to face to services, retail, and small business owners.

Some businesses have boomed during lockdown and some will never reopen once more. 

Industries such as the Arts, Creatives, Construction, Logistics and all other services are tired. 

Staying grounded during unsettled times managing unforeseen curveballs never ending pandemic crisis.

Surviving the world's longest Victorian lockdown, delays, logistics, health, juggling family and business. 

Food services, and retail employment are at the brink of serving the public.

Human capital, the increasing demand for education and to employ new frontline health services and emergency services  

Keep moving forward can seem just too overwhelming. 

There will never be a 9-5pm and Monday to Friday working week.  Past strategies are now history. 

Tips: keep motivated, connect, collaborate, adapt, apply different strategies and focus on the end result. 

Be Kind and keep moving forward at your pace.  

Innovate and create new adaptable strategies and reachable goals. 

Reach out to like minded joint ventures and individuals.

Rise above.