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Workplace Laws new variations and changes

13:00 PM

Changes in Workplace Laws General Protections for Small Business Owners 

July 2021, new changes were made to the FAIR WORK ACT 2009.

MVS Business Partners applied changes to the  FAIR WORK ACT 2009, adding variations for unjust regulations for small business owners, sole traders and micro business business owners. 

A sensible approach to protect the business owners from being unfairly subjected to General Protections Claim. 

Changes for small business owners who are employing flexible, casual and part time, permanent and full time, where earnings are under $70,000.00 including entitlements and superannuation. 

Businesses employment agreements must be covered under a modern and or enterprise award. 

These changes were made as many small businesses, sole traders and micro business owners are eligible for these protections for the employers who's employees payroll is minimum and showing a decline of 40% in revenue. 

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