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What are cookies? Asking to agree. 

Always click ‘agree’ when the pop-up tells you ‘this site uses cookies’? 

Cookies are small data files which are downloaded onto a computer when a website is visited for the first time. They store information about the visit to the site so that the next time it is visited, the site knows that a user has been there before and can tailor the experience. The computer facilitates this by checking if it has stored a relevant cookie and, if it has, sends the information stored in the cookie back to the site.

There are privacy implications flowing from their use.

Why do websites use cookies?

Websites use cookies to improve a user’s experience. Enabling the site to track user visits and activity. 

 To eliminate irrelevant aspects of the site for routine users and store information for an easier and more tailored experience.

What are the implications of cookies for personal privacy?

The nature of cookies is that they are data retainers. One-off data retention seems relatively harmless; however, it is the cumulative effect of data retention which have implications for personal privacy.