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COVID 19 Lessons Learned - THE SHIFT

Covid19 has taught us to play more while working.

Back to basics, a reflection of our purposes in life and business, how to do trade and how you want to stand out.

Applying regular check points, applying management plans and simple actions, chill out sessions, caring for our health and wellbeing.

Work from home, has also enabled us to connect with the world. It has allowed us to explore simple hobbies and interests, such as sewing masks, playing outside, cooking at home focus on our health, spend time with our families and reflect on priorities. 

Humans need other humans.

It is also showed us how to be more kind to one another and the amazing help that is available for all walks of life supported the government and businesses nationally.

A complete reset of thinking and prioritising what is important, what works, what we can do without, how we can implement the digital world and blend it with our face to face service industries. 

Chill out sessions, check points, focusing on our health and wellbeing, regular hydration, eating well, more sleep, family and down time. 

We observed that the economic closure, a recession, lockdown created unforseen ‘panic”. Total calamity, out of control and at the height of this pandemic crisis. Job losses, homelessness, greed, domestic violence, places of grief and prayer where closed, mental and physical health was at its worst.

A fear of loss, isolation, the unknown and most of all death a mirrored event that occurred in 1919, The Spanish Influenza.

The Medical practioners, frontline, police force, firemen, government, not to forget the very important people such the “Check Out Chicks” at supermarkets and retailers. People willing to clean the city, who are the engine of the economy are the small businesses who kept evolving and moving forward.

Leadership, keep swimming, stepping up, being uncomfortable, accepting what we cannot control, being agile, adapting to new skills, coaching and reskilling and education, quick to think on your feet and resetting our compass for a brighter future and most of all hope for generations to come.

A collaborative approach is much easier than resistence, leading your human capital in business. 

A two way B2B relationship style where respect and leadership is formed as one.

Sustaining business viability and kindness.

A reminder that we are not invincible, anything can happen at any given time, that a mandatory work life balance is regarded and needs to upheld.