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Dispute Resolution


If a dispute amongst parties arise, we will endeavour to aim for a rapid, fair and amicable outcome that is handled with complete transparency and confidentiality not affecting any parties via zoom or teleconference. 

MVS BUSINESS PARTNERS Good practice of handling systems and guidelines are that our partnered lawyers, consultants and in alignment with Cooperate Enterprise Entities, Ombudsman and dispute resolution team will focus on a timely, objective, accountable and fair outcome. 

Disputes will be handled sensitively with privacy. Disputes where possible and appropriate, resolved in a confidential context in order to minimise litigation and impact on the parties involved affected by the dispute. 

Transparency, barriers, wellbeing are top properties and will be know to each party involved. 

Dispute resolution procedures and processes should not interfere with the continued operation of business where possible. 

Any dispute resolution clause in an agreement, contract or policy should require that business services is to continue normally during the resolution process subject to any reasonable concerns and COVID19 regulations, health and safety.