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Start Ups

Building solid foundations for business success.

Covid 19 restart packages.

Business health checks.

Pandemic recovery.

Sustainable action and growth plans.

Business and life Check points, wellbeing, balancing working from home and the office.

Capital, low or 0 interest loans, joint ventures.  



Business Structure and Expansion 

Layering the foundations and restructuring your business with action plans.

Continually evolving offering advanced entrepreneurial strategies. 

Processes and systems for expansion and growth.  

Hiring Human Capital 

Your people are the foundation of the business. Vital asset of your business is your team.  

Flexible adjustments within the workplace for business owners, in the new world of business restarts and restructure. 

Change Management Agile

Human relations, Stakeholders, high performers, balancing your workplace.

Faster, agile, processes and systems.

Regulatory and policy changes. 

Leveraging, applying soft and hard skills such as emotional Intelligence and effective communication, compassion and embracing advanced virtual business ways of the future.

Endorsing talent and grit, improving a high performing workplace culture, balancing wellbeing and health. 

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Stand out of the Crowd

What is your point of difference?

Where is your gap in the marketplace?

Marketing strategies   

Attract new and retain existing clients 

Want the "A" Team Experience?

Attracting new clients and retaining them for life.

Nuture existing clients. 

Exceptional Customer Service techniques ideal for Commercial and Retail. 

Establish strategic business relationships

Establishing rapport, business relationships with major stakeholders and Cooperate partners.

Adding value, synergies and collaborating with your business networks with consent.

COVID 19 the Lessons Learned - THE SHIFT

The public, businesses were mimicking "lost in limbo", scattered sheep without a shepherd.

A total catastrophe and an embarrassment to the globe of images and fear of not enough food and resources and toilet paper! 

Who gives a Crap PTY LTD, An Australian made 'GOOD DEEDS' business model and fun toilet paper mogul, has grown insanely with the demand of the fear of the attitude of people not having enough to clean their butt! 

Not all business went south as we know quite a lot skyrocketed through COVID19, being agile, changing to a positive mindset, adapting and re skilling online and creating jobs.

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